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Romeo and Juliet (2P!Jealous!Canada x Reader)
It was school play season at Talia High School. This year’s theme was a classic, Romeo and Juliet and everyone in school legible to audition.  Many girls tried out for many parts, mainly the most covenant role of Juliet. Most of the boys went out for other positions like stagehands and set makers. Though there were a few boys who wanted to actually act. Alfred for instance wanted to be the Nurse.  
“Anything to wear a fuckin’ dress,” said Maximo.
“Fuck you,” he growled.
“By the way, great fuckin’ party Friday,”
“Right? I didn’t think it lasted that long,”
“Or how you got the cops to leave,” said Tim, “The fuck did you do?!”
“Invited them in using Francis’ brothel. They came in, I snapped a few pictures and it was over,”
"Man but that house party was the shit though it got kinda crazy for a while... some asshole decided to dump the dry ice in the pool."
"Made a pre
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2p Canada x Reader Cold Hands
Cold Hands
You were laying on the couch, cuddling with your boyfriend, Matt.  He laid behind you, his chest flush against your back, his right arm draped over your waist, and his head was propped up by his left hand.  The two of you had been lying around pretty much all day but neither of you had plans of changing that.
Matt took a deep breath as he moved himself into a more comfortable position behind you.  After he got comfortable once again, he placed his hand on top of you hip.  You absentmindedly moved your hand to rest on top of his and gasped quietly.  That instantly caught Matt’s attention as he turned his gaze from the TV to you.
“What’s wrong?”  He asked, his voice raspy.
“Your hand is so cold.”  You whispered quietly, pulling his hand to your chest and cuddling it.  Though you couldn’t see his face, you were pretty sure he rolled his eyes.
“My hands are always cold.”  He stated
:iconhmwwawcciawcccw:hmwwawcciawcccw 18 3
2p Canada x Reader My spot
He’s in my spot
You laid on the couch with Kuma on top of you.  The fire in the fireplace was out but with Kuma acting as a furry heating blanket, the cold didn’t faze you.  Kuma’s head currently rested on your chest, snoring softly.  You were starting to get a little tired yourself but just as you were going to close your eyes to take a nap, you heard the front door open.
You blinked tiredly as you shifted your gaze to the foyer.  Matt walked in, looking bored and tired.  He looked over at you and you smiled softly.  He quirked a brow and walked over to the couch.  Kuma, who woke up when the door opened, looked up at Matt.  Kuma cocked his head to the side and stared at Matt.  Matt stared back with a grumpy expression on his face.  Kuma huffed and rested his head back down on your chest and shut his eyes which made Matt’s expression turn even more sour.
“What’s wrong, Matt?”  You asked.
:iconhmwwawcciawcccw:hmwwawcciawcccw 31 13
2p America x Tall Reader Tall Girls
Tall girls
Stretch, bean pole, stilts, legs, tall drink of water, and string bean where just a few of the names people have given you over the years.  Just because you were tall for a girl.  To you, your height was never a big deal.  Some people were just made that way.  But on occasion, small things would make you upset.
Like right now.  You were out with some friends, enjoying a nice day, when you all decided to go into a shoe shop.  Not really the kind of place you would normally go but one of your friends seemed really excited about the idea.  While you and your friends looked around, an employee came up and asked,
“Came I help you ladies find anything today?”  Your friends replied that they were just looking and the employee spoke again,
“Well, highheels are currently on sale and,” she looked right at you, “we also have a special on flats.”  she said and then walked away.  You watched as she walk
:iconhmwwawcciawcccw:hmwwawcciawcccw 11 7
2p!America x Reader [Congratulations]
Allen was in the dining room, with his head on his hand looking down at a copy of the confession  he himself wrote.  The confession he wrote to save the position of his dream job, it did save his position, his job…but at what cost?
The door opens, there was his sister in law (Y/N). His best friend.
He gets up  from his chair and runs up to her "(Y/N)! I'm so happy to see you, you have no idea how crazy things have -" the moment he gets close to her, he notices how cold her eyes are. "Allen…" She makes a small smile, that soon fades away "Congratulations"
She closes the door behind her, and takes him to the living room "…Congratulations, my dearest Allen, you just invented a new kind of stupid!"  She walks to a picture in a frame "A damage you can't never undo, kinda stupid" she throws the picture at him, it lands on his lap. It's a picture of his wedding, with (Y/N)'s sister, Elizabeth. "Open all the cages in the zoo kin
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Frei (2p! America x Hurt!Reader)
“Those who are heartless once had a heart”
‘Why me’
A lonely dark New Yorker girl walked down the street with nothing but a cold scowl on her face and a glare that would not leave her face, as she left her college campus. Reality, and life can be so cruel sometimes.
After years of being hurt misjudged by everyone you just kinda let everything go including your emotions toward people. Most people that you had met and became close with had either left you in the end or you left them because they were just using you.
You never picked this sad and solitary lifestyle you had, even if there were some perks to it. In constant fear that you would be hurt again and scared you,  just lost connection with the world and decided to stay in your apartment all day.
Of course that isn’t the option though because you have to get through college first and live an average life living, having a failing marriage, living a suburban house with a white picket fence, and just
:icondrjloo:DrJloo 8 0
Am I THAT bad? 2p!England X Reader
2p!England X Reader [For Poypul]
“Oliver!?” You called from the hallway, looking at the multiple doors, waiting for an answer from the one in question. “Oliver? You in here!?” You shouted again, unsure as to whether he was even in the house.
Just as you were about to groan and leave, you heard singing from the kitchen. Your head perked up as you listened, and you decided that that was definitely him. “There you are,” you grumbled, moving your feet to head towards the kitchen.  The Brit’s singing got louder and louder as you neared the kitchen door, and you were almost mesmerised by his sweet voice.
Then a smell hit you. It was rather sweet, with just a small hint of… what was that… decay? “Oliver?” You nudged the door open, seeing the Brit stood in front of the stove. He turned around at the mention of his name, a huge cat-like grin crawling onto his lips. “Well hello there, my dear~” he outstretched h
:iconmuffledscreaming:MuffledScreaming 147 101
2P!EnglandXReader Speech Party Cupcakes
You were finally walking home from work with your pay for the week. It was a long day and you just wanted to sleep. As you were walking, blasting your music in the rain, you were complaining to your boyfriend, Oliver, about work through text. You complained about how there was this nonstop hour where you were running around and trying to fill peoples orders and how this one table left a mess and no tip.
When you finally reached home, you were greeted by your father and brother, who were sitting on the couch, watching TV. You walked into your room and changed into a pair of pajama shirts and (f/c) tank top. Then you walked into the kitchen to get a drink before saying good night to Oliver and going to bed. when you turned away from the fridge, drinking a glass of water, you saw a whole bunch of cupcake mix and funfetti frosting. Your eyes widened and you choked on your water.
When you calmed down and we able to breathe, you pulled out your phone and texted Oliver.
Shit! I forgot to m
:iconashrevans:AshREvans 166 93
2p England x Insane!Reader - Chapter 6 - purpose
(A/N:Hey everyone!Please read the description below!I'm sorry this chapter isn't good and kinda rushed ;_;Wanna enter my Oc contest for me to make it up?Check out Description for instructions!!!!!!!Thanks!I love you all!)
You whipped your head to face the voice.
You looked to see Artie's twin sister Alice leaning against the door frame with crossed arms and a sly grin."Oh my dear ______!Oh you absolutely MUST try my newest recipe of cookies!~"She shouts and runs over to you,enveloping you in her arms as her gloved fingers stroke your hair.You feel a blush dust your cheeks in embarassment as she plays with your hair."Oh dear!You're all wet!You should really have a spare of dry clothes with you love.Here borrow mine."She pouts as you roll your eyes."Thanks mom."You reply as she glomps you in utter bliss.Artie grasps her shoulder tightly and glares at her."Ally,do you mind getting off of _____?She's obviously annoyed by you." He growls as Alice returns the glare.She let's you go and grabs
:iconbichesrsnichesnstich:BICHESRSNICHESNSTICH 91 42
2p England x Insane!Reader - Chapter 5 - purpose
Gently lifting you into his thin arms he turned around to look into the fountains waters.It's crystal clear waters were now clouded by the cascading of your crimson blood as You gasp with a hand covering your mouth in fear.You were frantic as tears spilled from your eyes."M-my blood!I-I'll die!I don't want to be broken!No!No! NO!!!"You jerk your head into his shoulder and soak his pink dress shirt with your wet tears.
He pulls out a pink wand that sparkles and glitters in the moon and casts a spell at the fountain with a wave of his hand,creating a beam of light that shoots up from the circular fountain and fades like dust and into the pond waters.
The pond is now glowing a soft pink of glitter as he grasps your body tightly and  hops into the pond with you in his arms as he whispers soothing words to calm you down.The pond is deep and surrounded by falling roses and chess pieces that fly upwards in slow motion as you and Artie fall quickly,his words echoing throughout the endless wate
:iconbichesrsnichesnstich:BICHESRSNICHESNSTICH 98 42
2p England x Insane!Reader - Chapter 4 - purpose
You immediately raced down the hedges of green bushes,the flowers withering as you walked past them.
Your heels clacking as you stepped on the black and white tiled floors as you passed a black or white chess piece on your way through.You wouldn't let them catch you this time like the scientists did.
You grimaced darkly,a shadow crossing over your eyes.Yes the scientists were still looking for you through the maze.
You looked both ways,doing a double take and raced as fast as possible through the hedges,the shadow never fading.yes you couldn't let them capture you again and drug you and experiment on you like they had done to you as a child.You ran faster,letting a small huff of exhaustion escape your lips as you heard a bush rustle.
You quickly twirled around to face the rustling,your skirt following your movements with a twirl.No they couldn't have caught up with you already.Your hands lifted a pair of silver rose cutting scissors from your white aprons pocket and stabbed at the pred
:iconbichesrsnichesnstich:BICHESRSNICHESNSTICH 108 69
2p England x Insane!Reader - Chapter 3 - purpose
(A/N:I lost all my frucking writing from before on here so now I have to re-do it all over again and try to remember most of it.I was extremely pissy when that happened and gave up on it,But now I have my strider juice and pizza so I am...INSPIRED)
You began to wipe a wine glass with a lacy towel as your eyes probed into his,staring into his soul and probably creeping the fuck out of him.
"So what's up?" You asked with a wide grin that shows off your pearly whites marvelously."Calm your tits girly.Your creeping me out." He  scowls prying you away from his face.You pout childishly as Artie steals a glance from you,his cheeks flushed.
"So what's going on numb nuts?" You ask once you regain your composure and back up to lean against the counter behind you whilst wiping the cup."I got drunk." He replies nonchalantly as he continues to rub his temples with his fingers impatiently."No shit." You reply as Al and Matthew let out a short chuckle.
You turn away abruptly,Your skirts and petticoat
:iconbichesrsnichesnstich:BICHESRSNICHESNSTICH 98 62
2p England x Insane!Reader - Chapter 2 - purpose
It had been a long time since that incident when you were a mere child.Only 10.
You had just woken up from a long and tiresome night,baking...'cake' as you called it or whatever it was.
You sat up in your black bed with your hot pink comforter showered in black polka dots covering your body as you drank some...'strawberry' tea.
You were now 20 years old and known as the psycho path nicknamed "misfortune" in your case. No one knew your identity,They just thought you were plain old _______-chan.
The sweet girl sweeter than the word sweet itself who ran the cake shop known as "Biscotti-Chan" which in English was called "Cookie-Girl".
You were known to be dressed in lacy,frilly,and fluffy Lolita like dresses that were almost always black,white and purple which matched the color scheme of your Gothic yet cheery Lolita style cafe that almost always had customers that somehow left through your backdoor when they stayed late. Once you had completely butchered and packed up your victims into a
:iconbichesrsnichesnstich:BICHESRSNICHESNSTICH 113 30
2p England x Insane!Reader - Chapter 1 - Purpose
"Now ______,Let's review the crime scene shall we?" Prof.Ludwig asked."Whatever" You spat with the most putrid hatred in the world.He glared at you.
"who else?"
He sighed."You never learn DO you _____?" He grimaced as he stood up from his fold up chair."I suppose not." You retorted returning back his grimace but with more taste of hatred and dispute.He folded the chair and walked out the room,closing the door behind you.It had been years since you had seen the world,life other than your professor and the horrifying men in white coats. You longed for life,You NEEDED life, the thought of life filled your brain in and out and through your veins,rushing through you like a large wave of emotion crashing onto a shore and splattering everywhere.It rushed through your veins like fire along with the air you breathed. It was as if it called out your name every
:iconbichesrsnichesnstich:BICHESRSNICHESNSTICH 202 64
2p Romano x reader - I was just fuckin with ya'!
It was a nice Saturday evening.
Today a friend of yours was going to come and visit.
Or at least that's what you thought.
You scrolled through the many, many, many contacts on your phone to look for the right friend to invite. You closed your eyes and scrolled through your contacts with a single thumb with your eyes shut tightly. "HMMMMMMMMMMM.NOW!!" You shouted with one hand over your eyes, the other holding the phone and scrolling. You tore your thumb away from the touch screen quickly and un-covered your eyes to see the screen and who your finger landed on.
You looked into the profile you had set up for him and read it through.
Name: Flavio Romano Vargas
Age: 23
Number: 1-985-655-2500
Work: 1-985-655-2500
Birthday: March 17th
You sighed and slouched in your chair lazily. Really? Flavs of all the people you knew? He was probably going to be fucking handsome like last time too. "UGH." You groaned and rested your elbow on the table, c
:iconbichesrsnichesnstich:BICHESRSNICHESNSTICH 380 337
Hetalia x Witch!Reader - When They Cry - P.1:Ch.2
Hetalia x Witch!Reader
When They Cry
Part 1-Allies Arc
Ch.2- Myth
AN- Thanks for all the wonderful favorites and comments on chapter 1~ Keep in mind that if you guys want updates faster and more frequently than please comment! I always get more encouraged to write if I see comments on my stories, and I actually lose interest in writing them if I don't see much feedback... as I think it means people don't like it. So please if you have an extra few minutes, leave me a comment after your read! I always enjoy hearing what you all have to say and talking to you about my latest chapters as well! Thanks and enjoy this chapter! :)
A few days had passed since and as a result the Moonlight festival would be happening that night. The classroom was abuzz with excited students not only for the festival, but also because today was the last day of classes until the fall.
“Man!” Alfred cried and slumped over on his desk. “It’s no fair… why do (Name) & Arthur get to miss
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