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Goin' to London! Pt 7 (Punk!EnglandxTomboy!Reader)
You sighed as you plopped yourself on your bed. The day had been long. Excruciatingly tedious, actually. You had spent the whole day alone at school, Arthur nowhere in sight, and Antonio wasn't there either. Elizabeta had some school stuff to do you didn't recall and the teachers managed to make the classes really boring that day. PE, in particular, had been a pain: endurance tests.
Yourself not a particularly physically active girl, more like a creative one, you were sore, and that, everywhere.  
"I need to be more active." you thought to yourself. "One day...." you added, lacking the motivation.
"[Name]?" you heard from the door.
You turned your head in its direction. "Yeah, dad?"
"The office needs me. I'll be back at around eleven, alright? Emil too."
"Mh-hmm" you replied, turning your head to look at the ceiling, closing your eyes. "Dad, don't let work control you, okay?" you asked, opening your eyes and glanced back at him. He just nodded and walked out of you
:iconxxviidgamexx:XxViidGamexX 123 84
Goin' to London! Pt 6 (Punk!EnglandxTomboy!Reader)
"So.... How're you holdin' up, dude?"
"Surprisingly good! Glad to see that you're not sick anymore, Al!"
"What--- Y-Yeah!! I'm all better now, [Nickname]!"
You smiled at the small high-definition camera of your laptop, while you were lying on you stomach on your bed. You had been in London for a week now, and it was the first time you talked with Alfred. When you asked Matthew, he told you Al was really sick, so he couldn't come and talk.
"You're still practicing with your guitar, Luna?" asked Matthew.
"You bet, man!" you happily replied, omitting a somewhat important detail; that you had a friend helping you.
"Well, it's ten at night for Miss London, so we've gotta go. King out!" dramatically declared Matthias.
"Aww.... Five more minutes!" you and Alfred both complained at the same time, which made you laugh.
"Okay, I'll go to bed...." you resigned, yawning and stretching your arms the best you could, since you were resting on your elbows. "Ooh, I'll present to you one of my new frien
:iconxxviidgamexx:XxViidGamexX 75 73
Goin' to London! Pt 5 (Punk!EnglandxTomboy!Reader)
You were walking the way to your mom's tomb, since Emil showed it to you the day before. The emo side of you felt calm in a cemetery, for some strange reason, and you felt like paying your respects to your mom whenever you could. You didn't know why, but you felt like you weren't truly alone in the world, as if someone was constantly watching over you from somewhere, and looking out for you.
That would lead to today.
You had a pretty flower with you, planning on putting it on your late mother's grave when you got back there. What you didn't anticipate was that a certain schoolmate was in there too, paying his respects as well. His emerald gaze locked with yours, and then his trailed down your arm, finally stopping at the sight of the flower. Your [Favourite Bright Colour] one darted to that same place. You softly raised the flower closer to your face.
"It's for my mother....." you said, your eyes shifting at the tomb that was just behind Arthur and letting your hand fall back on your s
:iconxxviidgamexx:XxViidGamexX 75 59
Goin' to London! Pt 4 (Punk!EnglandxTomboy!Reader)
You were outside of school, standing on the curb, waiting for your dad to pick you up. School had been out for a good ten minutes, and you started to wonder why your dad wasn't here yet. You sighed as you checked your messages again. Zilch. You looked around, enjoying the sights and sounds of the British outdoors. You adjusted your messenger bag as you put your iPod in it and tossed your hair from your face.
You resumed counting as cars ran past you. Thirteen, fourteen. Still no sign of him. Fifteen. Nope. Sixteen, seventeen, eightee-
"Hey [Name], you'll get sick if you don't have an umbrella!" [A.N. Oops, did I forget to mention it was pouring down like no tomorrow? Sowwy… XP]
You turned around, just to find in front of you the Spaniard from earlier that day. You heard the sound of splashing water droplets hitting fabric above your head; he was holding his tomato-printed umbrella over you. But he was getting drenched!
You had always loved being outside when it was raining. Peop
:iconxxviidgamexx:XxViidGamexX 62 102
Goin' to London! Pt 3 (Punk!EnglandxTomboy!Reader)
"So far, so good" you thought.
You were at your second day in your new school, and things couldn't have been better. No, that's a lie.....
You were in math class, and two annoying guys were in it.  That's nothing you care about, but they kept staring at you and making suggestive facial expressions.. You, on the other hand, tried to focus for class. You just wished they'd stop, but there was no chance of that happening anytime soon.
"Francis, what did I just say?" asked an annoyed teacher.
"That the new girl est très chaude" [Is really hot. Literally XD]said said guy, a mocking smile directed to the teacher on his face.
You just wanted to disappear, to be invisible. You hated guys like that. Always have and always will. You hid you face in your hands, hoping that the guy would loose his creepy interest in you and forget you. Not gonna happen, though.
"Gilbert, turn around. You're making her uncomfortable."
"Aww, Teach, can't you see she's just shy because she
:iconxxviidgamexx:XxViidGamexX 81 52
Goin' to London! Pt 2 (Punk!EnglandxTomboy!Reader)
You had managed to make your way to your history class, which started with that same one-sided introduction. You actually loved that subject, but this time, you had some trouble catching up. Mostly because you haven't really heard any of England's history in as much detail as you were presented that day, but you still thanked your past curiosity for reading a bunch of UK history-related stuff, so you could still follow most of the time.
Finally, a very loud glass chime echoed through the school, which meant that this class was now over. You remembered that Lizzie told you that she'll wait for you. You just hoped she meant it, not letting you there to stand alone like a fool.
You stood up, collected your things and headed towards the door. You sighed in relief: she was there, but with another girl as well. She had shoulder-length blonde hair with a cute bow on one side. Nonetheless, you walked over to the both of them.
"Oh, hey, [Name]! This is Lilly. Lilly, this is [Name], the transfer
:iconxxviidgamexx:XxViidGamexX 90 202
Goin' to London! Pt 1 (Punk!EnglandxTomboy!Reader)
"W-We'll miss you, [Name]!"
"Do you really have to go all the way across the ocean?"
"Come on, it's a big deal, [Name]'s transferring to her favorite city!"
"Yeah, but dude, why can't her father do what he'll do over there here? Internet exists, ya know?"
"Man up, Alfred, she'll Skype ya!"
"No fair.... "
You were bidding your farewells near the street across from your now former school to your best friends, Matthew, Alfred and Matthias. Your father had to go to London for his job, and you and his brother were following him. It was in the middle of your school year and you were transferring to a school over there. You couldn't believe that you were actually going, but you knew deep down that this new start was going to be tough. You didn't want to back down from a challenge that life was offering you; you loved them.
You had been listening to your three friends' blather for at least ten minutes, trying not to laugh nor cry, honestly, weird options to have simultaneously. Alfred didn't w
:iconxxviidgamexx:XxViidGamexX 160 61
America x Cold-Hearted!Reader: Warmth Part 2
The next day you got to school your friend had been acting strange.
"Why are you smiling?" you asked.
"I have a theory," your friend said excitedly. "Follow me in private."
You both went into a deep end of the hallway where no one could find you two.
"Okay, so, I feel like you could have a chance with A," she/he said.
"A is for who I'm thinking it's for, right?" you asked. "It's...Alfred?"
"Mhm," your friend replied. "But really! Don't you see how he acts towards you?"
You shook your head in response.
"He's starting to talk to you more now. And when you both talk you act like best friends!" your friend squealed in excitement.
"Shut up," you said. "Remember? He didn't like me after the incident?" You could remember it all too well. It still sometimes came back to haunt you.
"No! Don't say it!" you tried to cover your friend's mouth, but it was no use.
"(Name) likes you, Alfred!" your friend said.
Alfred stared in disgust. "Ewww, I don't like her/him bac
:icongemiri:Gemiri 98 26
America x Cold-Hearted!Reader: Warmth Part 1
You glared in envy as you saw other girls/guys talking to Alfred. Very long ago, you used to have a crush on him. But, your friend ruined your relationship with him once she/he told Alfred. He simply replied, "Eww, I don't like her/him back, she's/he's ugly." This comment took you at least two years to not care for him anymore. You started to become mean to others and was grouchy most of the time. And he just went on with his life, not a care in the world. Eventually, you both talked to each other little by little each day.
'Even though I don't care for him anymore, I still want him to like me back.' you thought. 'Of course, like I said, he means nothing to me.'
"Hey, (Name)!" Alfred said.
"What do you want?" you asked.
"Am I your friend?" He asked that question every day for some unknown reason.
"We don't even talk a lot how could I call you a friend?"
He laughed. And then he took your pencil away and kept it like always.
'Stupid.' you said in your mind.
Alfred th
:icongemiri:Gemiri 127 22
The (Not So) Coward I Am (EngXShy!Reader)6
"I never expected the day would come that you would accept this proposal __________!" Elizabeth squealed excitedly to __________ who was having her hair and make-up done.
The female grimaced, and groaned, "Do I have to go through all of this!?" She whined, as she was about to massage her neck  when the manicurist gave a firm tug and squeeze bluntly stating that she better not move and inch or the nail polish she worked hard on would be all for nothing.
Elizabeth placed her hands on her hips, "Are you kidding me!? Image is always the most important factor to win the crowd! The world!" The brunette exclaims as she spreads her arms proving her point.
The (h/c) girl pursed her lips as she looked at the female with great disappointment. She may be the closest person she has as a friend; however, she hates it when the female wants her only for her popularity.
"This is why I hate the crowd and world." __________ mumbled.
"__________ remember, always smile, laugh at their jokes, and
:icongohagosa:gohagosa 49 25
The (Not So) Coward I Am (EngXShy!Reader)5
Arthur grimaced as he scratched his head frustratedly. He then looks up from his spot in the garden as he attempts to get a glimpse of __________ from his spot. Apparently the female has sealed all the possible openings that a person can possibly look. From windows to doors, everything was completely shut. The blonde ran his hands through his hair worriedly as he began to imagine a few scenarios as to what and why this is happening.
"Wh-What if she doesn't want to see me anymore? Did I make her mad? What did I make her mad for in the first place though? Was it the k-kiss?  B-But- But I didn't mean to! Will she forgive me? But if she kissed me, doesn't it mean that she likes me? Is that considered a confession?" The blonde held his head and sunk to his palms in total embarrassment, his face, crimson red. 
"Aaaarrtttiieee!" A high-pitched voice squeaked, and as Arthur turned around, his face was met with triple D's. "Oh, I'm so happy to see you again Artie!" The voice excl
:icongohagosa:gohagosa 33 23
The Coward I am (EngxShy!Reader)4
Arthur "tsk'd" at how messy the place was. There was thousands of paper lying on the floor, a cup of coffee on almost every table and corner of the room, pencils and erasers are seen almost everywhere, he wouldn't be surprised if a snake has been living under those piles of papers.
The blonde groaned as he began with the most obvious task, picking all the papers up.
"Don't you have any organizer? Or at least a box to put all these papers in?" Arthur called from the female who hastily picked up the papers from the ground. "You're rich right?"
The female looked up and answered breathlessly, "I do, but I can't seem to keep them in place! I also end up taking them out for reference and guidance for my job!"
"What's your job anywa-!?" Arthur's eyes widened as he picked up the most recent object his hands landed on.
It was a thin comic-like book.
Arthur felt his face turn extremely hot as he sees the books cover. It was focused on a female with abnormally large boobs which hang from her tank
:icongohagosa:gohagosa 39 7
The Coward I am (EngxShy!Reader)3
______ slammed her front door as she plasters he back to it. Breathing heavily and all, with her legs shaking, she runs a finger to her lip.
"Th-This feeling- d-don't tell me-?!"
______ then runs as fast as she can up to her study and sits down on her desk as she quickly worked on her Manga that wasn't due in three weeks. Apparently she can think straight when she draws. She was so flustered!  Nervous and excited at the same time! It felt like her heart was drowning, and yes it definitely was uncomfortable, but it felt good in some odd way.
She then pulls away from her work as she scans the inked manga page.
~ "Hiro, I have something to tell you-"
"Wh-what is it Yuuto-?"
"Hiro, I-I love-" ~
______ then lets out a loud scream as she cups her face that was completely red. "No!It'snot possible!It's not!It's not!It's not!It's not!It's not!It's not!It's not!" She screams as her face steamed with complete embarrassment.
"I-I can't fall in love! I'm not capable of falling in love!" She s
:icongohagosa:gohagosa 63 33
The Coward I am (EngxShy!Reader)2
Arthur blushed massively as he looks at the females doorstep one more time. His heart was pounding crazily. He can barely breathe in his current situation. His head was spinning.
'Is this what it really feels like to be in love?' He asked himself.
Arthur holds his mouth as his face was tinted completely red. He has no knowledge of such emotions! He never had any interest on any girl and he doesn't know how it feels like to be in love or like someone.
Yet now that he thinks about it, the reason he never had gained any interest on other girls was because he was watching _______ closely.
When he's in school all he thinks about is the mysterious female living next door.
Whenever he's at lunch, he always has thoughts on what 'she' does at this time.
When he's gardening, he imagines what she looks like.
When he's in his bed room, doing his homework, he would glance once in a while to the window across his. That's why he has his desk propped up exactly by the window.
Arthur trembled.
"I-Im in
:icongohagosa:gohagosa 61 32
The Coward I am (EngxShy!Reader)1
Arthur looked up from his daily routine of gardening as he hears a few screams coming from his neighbors house. He was pretty sure that the person who lived there was a shy, quiet person, so now he's wondering why the occupant suddenly decided to get rowdy.
Then he realizes.
The female, who was the occupant,was alone and was just talking to herself.
Another thing he may add.
She was using words that doesn't make any sense at all.
"You dummy!dummy!dummy!dummy! Idiot! Dummy!" The girl screamed.
He doesn't even understand why the girl was talking this way. Shrugging his shoulders he continues his task.
"And so, this new Anime I'm watching, the main character was so cute and shy and-" Alfred, Arthur's younger brother, yammered as the two were on their way to school.
Arthur paid no mind on Alfred's words as he glances at his neighbor doorstep.
The female would always get tons of mail in sacks and lots of packages by her doorstep every single day. Arthur has no idea why, all he knows is
:icongohagosa:gohagosa 93 34
England X Reader = I Never knew you were a GIRL!5
"Hey Arthur, I promise nothing bad was going inside there!" _______ explained as she followed the blonde around like a dog. She needed to explain everything. She doesn't want to cause a misunderstanding between them.
Not when he knew he is a girl and that he will begin to jump conclusions about her being vulnerable.
Arthur stopped walking and sneered, "Oh yeah? Then why were you gasping in that bloody room?!" His grip tightened on his bag.
"Arthur, I was on cleaning duty." ______ answered as she stopped from her tracks as well and pouted a little.
"What's cleaning duty got to do with this?" The blonde asked as his temper was beginning to decrease at a fast rate.
"Artie, cleaning duty is exhausting. We had to carry desks, sweep, and mop, and other stuff, but I would assume you wouldn't know how it feels like since you are always on the student council office." ________ exclaimed with a very happy smile. Her optimism over flowing.
She wasn't trying to mock or insult Arthur, but the blond
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